Elderly Care Week

The Mayor of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka, Borjanco Micevski, had a meeting with the pensioners and the disabled at work, who organized a ceremony together with the Municipal Red Cross, on the occasion of the traditional "Week of Care for the Elderly".

With a series of activities and in joint cooperation with the municipality, citizens' associations and public institutions, the Red Cross of Kriva Palanka, actively works throughout the year, and now is involved in marking the "Week of care for the elderly" , under the motto "We are all their children".

This event, which marks the Week of care for the elderly, is aimed at raising public awareness of the need for increased integration of these people in all spheres of social life, as well as the need to provide care and assistance.

Within the program, the Red Cross of Kriva Palanka will realize several activities and creative workshops for the elderly.

Mayor Micevski in his address on the occasion of the celebration of the Week of care for the elderly, in front of the pensioners emphasized:

-The Municipality of Kriva Palanka always tries to support your events and activities, and many of its own activities are realized in direct cooperation with you, because you are an important segment of our local community, you are our pillar and the "sage" from whom we have something to learn and pass it on to our generations.





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