Competences of the Council

 Article 14

The Municipal Council performs the following activities:

1. Adopts the Statute of the Municipality and other regulations.
2. Adopts the Rules of Procedure of the Council.
3. Adopts a Council Work Program.
4. Adopts the Budget of the Municipality and the Annual Account of the Municipality.
5. Determines the amount of its own sources of revenue for financing the municipality, within the limits determined by law.
6. Adopts a General Urban Plan of the Municipality.
7. Adopts detailed urban plans and urban documentation for settlement in the Municipality.
8. Adopts a Program for the Regulation of Construction Land.
9. Adopts Traffic Signaling Program.
10. Adopts a Decision on regulating the traffic regime.
11. Adopts regulations in the field of environment and nature protection, local economic development, culture, sports and recreation, social and child protection, education, health care, fire protection, within the jurisdiction specified by special law or in accordance with with the national program.
12. Adopts a Program for the Construction and Maintenance of Local Roads and Streets.
13. Adopts a Public Lighting Program.
14. Adopts a Program for construction, reconstruction and maintenance of local water supply systems.
15. Adopts a Program for the maintenance and use of parks and other public areas of local importance.
16. It regulates the arrangement and maintenance of the cemetery.
17. Adopts a Program for regulation, maintenance and use of river beds in urban areas.
18. Adopts a Decision on public hygiene.
19. Adopts a Decision on public transport in urban and suburban traffic.
20. Adopts a Decision on the maintenance and use of public markets.
21. It regulates the method of cleaning the chimneys.
22. Regulate the maintenance of the public car park area and the manner in which it is used.
23. Specifies names of streets, squares, bridges and other infrastructure facilities of local importance.
24. Determines the organization, scope and manner of performance of the tasks of the municipal administration, on a proposal from the Mayor.
25. Establishes public services and oversees their work.
26. Appoints members of the public service management boards it establishes.
27. Adopts work programs and financial plans for public service financing, which it establishes.
28. Decides to grant a license to carry out an activity of public interest of local importance in accordance with the Law.
29. Adopts the work reports and annual accounts of the public services which it establishes.
30. Decides on the manner of disposal with the ownership of the Municipality.
31. Decides on the manner of financial control of the Budget of the Municipality in accordance with the Law.
32. Elects the person who manages the Regional Unit of the Ministry of Interior in the Municipality, in accordance with the Law.
33. Reviews and adopts the Annual Public Safety Report of the municipality, which it submits to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ombudsman, may make recommendations to the head of the regional unit of the Ministry of the Interior in the field of public safety and security; in traffic.
34. Elects and dismisses the President of the Council.
35. Establish permanent and temporary committees.
36. Exercises certain powers in accordance with the Law on commodities of general use and on natural resources in the territory of the Municipality.
37. Establishes municipal awards and recognitions.
38. Gives an opinion on draft laws that apply to the Municipality.
39. Makes other elections and appointments within his jurisdiction.
40. Makes other decisions for work within its competence.
41. Performs other duties provided for by law.

(From the Statute of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka)

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