Borjanco Micevski was born on 14.08.1971 in Kriva Palanka.

He completes primary and secondary education in his hometown of Kriva Palanka. After serving his military service in 1990/91, he enrolled at UKIM – PMF. He graduated in 1996. After graduation he works in several job positions.

2017 – Acting Director State Inspectorate for Construction and Urbanism

2009-2017 – member of the Council of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka

2007-2017 Works in the Regional Center for Sustainable Development Kratovo, where in the period from 2006-2014 in two terms he was president of the association. During this period he managed and managed about 30 projects at local, regional, national and international level. Has participated in the preparation and publication of a number of promotional materials and publications, including: "Transparent municipalities – satisfied citizens", "Energy Efficiency Manual", "Kratovo – Open Air Museum", the preparation of LEAP for the Municipality of Kriva Palanka , LEAP for the Municipality of Kratovo, Research and study on the Capacity and absorption power of the Local Self-Government Units of funds for balanced regional development, Research on the position of the local self-governments in the decision-making process and a number of other researches and analyzes.

2006-2009 Local coordinator of the project "Living in a multiethnic environment - citizens with equal rights, opportunities and protection – Project of the European Commission

2003-2006 Local Coordinator of the NGO Support Center Kratovo – project of the European Development Agency

2002-2003 Coordinator of the "Babylon Center" in Kriva Palanka – project of the Agency for Youth and Sports

2001-2002 Administrator of the official website of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka

Diplomas and certificates obtained:

Project management, networking and fundraising - ECMI; Electoral System Training - IFES, Dan Blessington, Australia; Communication skills – MATA Skopje; Business Communications – MCIC Skopje; Administrative work; Needs survey – KOCKA Skopje; Media communication – NGO Infocenter; Web Design – Metamorphosis; Introduction to EU regulation - MCET; Access to public information – prof. Borce Davitkovski; Advocacy, lobbying and financial sustainability – COWI Denmark; Project Management – B2 Consulting; Peace Negotiations – CNA Sarajevo; International Framework for the Rights of Non-Majority Ethnic Communities – ADI Gostivar; Training for trainers – Business without borders; Methods and procedures for conducting monitoring – CCI Prilep; Recycling links - Training for trainers – International Finance Corporation Belgrade; Advisor as communicator, financier and decision maker – OSCE; Training for monitoring transparency in decision-making in local self-governments; Decentralization and transparent operation – CCC Skopje; Law on Access to Public Information – FOSM; Improving the capacity of public actors for social inclusion – Cambridge Education and PROMAN; Energy efficiency of public institutions – CeProSARD

Project Coordinator:

Preparation of LEAP for Kriva Palanka and Kratovo-GTZ; NGO Support Center in socially and economically underdeveloped areas – EAR; Living in a multiethnic environment – citizens with equal rights, opportunities and protection - EU Regional Coordinator; Get active! Select, recycle and protect your own environment – IFC; Strengthening NGOs in the Osogovo Region – FOSIM; Strengthening the network of individual collectors of PET packaging – USAID; Action for Europe – FOSIM; Citizens for European Macedonia -FOSIM; Gathering facts – informing citizens – UNDP; Good Governance Monitoring – Norwegian Embassy, BTD Resources for Accountability, Accountability and Transparency – SDC, CIR; Energy Resources – Green Future Visa –World Bank; Kriva Palanka energy efficient municipality, successful municipality – SGP GEF; Volunteer Service for the Elderly and People with Disabilities– USAID, FOOM; Rock and Pop Limits – IPA CBC 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-300


Macedonian language, English language, Serbian language, Croatian language, Bulgarian language

Additional Information – Bibliography

He has participated in the preparation of several publications and research

Local communities - basic cell in the process of democratic decision-making – 2017; Absorption power of local self-government units from SIPR of funds for Balanced Development – 2017; 15 years Regional Center for Sustainable Development - 2017; Kratovo Open Air Museum – 2015;

CIP – Catalog of Publications National Library “St. Kliment Ohridski ", Skopje 352: 005.332.5 (497.72 / .73) (047) Micevski Borjanco Transparent municipalities – satisfied citizens.

CIP – cataloging of publications National Library "St. Kliment Ohridski ”, Skopje 620.9 (035) ISBN 978-608-65266-1-0 COBISS.MK-ID 91397386 Borjanco Micevski Energy efficiency.

Address: Mayor of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka
st. St. Joachim Osogovski No.175
Kriva Palanka

Phone / Fax: 031-375-035


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