Center for Culture


The National Institution Center for Culture – Kriva Palanka is the only institution of this type in the municipality. NUCC is a center of cultural life and a place where in addition to the original cultural content, cultural content from other institutions are presented and where cultural values from top institutions from the country and abroad are brought closer.

The main activity of NIMC is accomplished through several contents. The International Art Colony “St. Joachim Osogovski ” it had a central place in its program until 1999, and now it is under the authority of the monastery of St. "Joachim Osogovski".

The NSCC operates the Cultural and Artistic Society "Eighth October", the Kalin Literary Club, the Modern Ballet Ballet Group, the Workers' University Work Unit, and the Drama Section.

Address: st. St. Joachim Osogovski, 1330 Kriva Palanka
Phone: 031/375 533

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