Useful links

State institutions – Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia – Government of the Republic of Macedonia – Ministry of Defense – Ministry of Economy – Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Justice – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Labor and Social Policy – Ministry of Finance – Ministry of Education and Science – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy – Ministry of Transport and Communications – Ministry of Health – Ministry of Culture – Ministry of Local Self-Government – Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
 Agencies, commissions, funds and other institutions in Macedonia – Agency for Foreign Investments in the Republic of Macedonia – Information Agency – Emigration Agency – Agency for Youth and Sports – Agency for Development and Investment – Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia – Agency for Civil Servants – Agency for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Macedonia – Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance – Commission for Protection of Competition – Securities and Exchange Commission – Commission for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information – State Office for Geodetic Works – Pension and Disability Insurance Fund – Health Insurance Fund – Public Procurement Bureau – Industrial Property Protection Bureau – Archive of the Republic of Macedonia – Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia – Republic Institute for Health Protection – Economic Chamber of RM – Macedonian Stock Exchange – Central Securities Depository – Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia – Customs – State Statistical Office – Public Revenue Office – Ombudsman – National Bank
Seats of international organizations in Macedonia – OSCE Mission to Skopje – International Republican Institute (IRI) – Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Macedonia
 News agencies and useful sites – Netpress – Mia – Mafax – Cyrillic – Presonline – Site for all laws from Macedonia – Contact Office between NGOs and the Parliament of R. Macedonia – Golden Book – White Paper with telephone numbers from Macedonia
International institutions and agencies – European Union – European Parliament – Council of Europe – NATO – North Atlantic Alliance – United Nations – Konrad Adenauer Foundation – Robert Schuman Institute – GTZ – International Monetary Fund – Stability Pact – World Bank – UNDP – USAID
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