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Make contact with the mayor of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka. Ask a question, comment or suggestion about things that are within the competence of the mayor.

The system enables you to report a communal problem at any time of the day, seven days a week, through our municipal web portal, which our services will attempt to resolve or inform you of where the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Overview of the Budget of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka, final accounts and financial performance data of the Municipality.

The integration of the EPPS with the institutions enables the public procurement data to be displayed after the publication of the annual plan, announcements, contract notices and contract award notices, directly on the municipal website.

According to the Law on Free Access to Public Information, the Municipality of Kriva Palanka is the holder of information. Requests may be submitted to an official for mediation in exercising the right of free access to public information.

The electronic registry of services is the basis of all administrative procedures that are the responsibility of the municipality. The register contains information on the necessary documents, administrative fees and forms required for each administrative procedure.

The building permit system allows applicants to quickly and easily submit building related applications. Applicants can apply at any time and from anywhere.

This system enables an efficient, transparent and unified way of dealing with all competent authorities and entities according to the latest standards, as soon as possible, based on your request.

The web GIS application provides access to part of the GIS database of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka and enables GIS data and contents to be searched, analyzed and presented.

Issue of B integrated permits that are under the jurisdiction of the local self-government units. Installations subject to these permits shall comply with emission limit values.

The Urban Planning Electronic Procedures System aims to facilitate the process of adopting urban planning procedures, first and foremost ensuring fast and easy communication between stakeholders throughout the course of the procedure.

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