Reception days for working with clients and holding meetings

The Municipality of Kriva Palanka has set a timetable for reception days for working with clients and holding meetings where citizens and other entities can turn for consultations, case information and overcoming certain situations, which are related to the municipal competencies. The parties, in addition to the direct communication, may consult the competent authorities by telephone as well as by e-mail address.

List of persons employed in the Municipality of Kriva Palanka with position, official e-mail and telephone

Reception day at the Mayor Borjanco Micevski is Thursday from 11:00 to 15:00.

The reception day with the President of the Council of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka is Tuesday from 11 am to 1 pm.

In order to make a meeting / meeting, the party needs to notify the Client Referral Officer at the front door of the municipal premises.

warning: In case of urgency and urgency and other justified reasons, the party may meet with the competent officer daily from Monday to Friday during the full working hours from 08.00 to 16.00. Officers use the break between 10.30am and 11am.


Borjanco Micevski


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