What can I report?

E-Municipality – Report a Problem

The system enables you to report a communal problem at any time of the day, seven days a week, through our municipal web portal, which our services will attempt to resolve or inform you of where the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Operating Instructions

From the list of problems in the system menu select your problem. In the application, specify the exact address (street and number) or describe in more detail the location where the intervention should be performed. Write your contact information so we can respond to your report and keep you informed.

What you can report from the list:

Street lighting

  • report a street lighting malfunction.

Streets, roads and sidewalks

  • report damage to asphalt, concrete, stone blocks and bacon;
  • report work on roads, streets and sidewalks

Objects prone to collapse

  • report buildings prone to demolition: old houses, retaining walls, etc.

Urban equipment

  • report damage to urban equipment: benches, waste bins and children's amusement parks.

Construction and illegal construction

  • announce the start of construction of a new facility, upgrade and upgrade of an existing facility.


  • report unpleasant odor, ambient air pollution, surface water (rivers and lakes);
  • report long lasting and frequent noise from catering facilities, machinery and plant operation.


  • report negligent handling of municipal, commercial, industrial non-hazardous waste, vegetable waste, packaging waste, waste oils, used (wrecked) vehicles, problems with the collection and transport of PCE waste, waste in private property causing harm to human health, construction debris on regional roads and in nature.

Public greenery

  • report the destruction and usurpation of public greenery, street greenery, parks, squares, quays, cultural and historical monuments, public parking lots, children's amusement parks, playgrounds, cemeteries.
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