Minister Oliver Spasovski visits the Kriva Palanka Police Department

The Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski, Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau Arif Asani and Mayor Borjanco Micevski, today on the first day of the New 2021, paid an official visit to the Kriva Palanka Police Department.

During the visit, the Minister was informed about public order and peace and security during New Year's Eve. The visit was used to make a tour of the completed work activities for reconstruction of the facade and interior of the building of the Kriva Palanka, which is being renovated after 30 years. The value of the investment is about 9,000,000 denars.

On this occasion, the delegations laid fresh flowers at the monument to the fallen members of the Ministry of Interior from Kriva Palanka in the 2001 conflict.




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