The Budget of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka for 2021 was adopted

At the last 46th session of the Council, the Budget of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka for 2021 was adopted, which is projected at 421,051,329 denars.

When creating the Budget, the principles of economy and rationality in spending the budget funds are respected. The budget is prepared on the basis of defined programs, transparent planning, disciplined spending and rigorous control of unproductive expenditures without disturbing the normal functioning of budget institutions.

The budget of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka is composed of a basic budget of 176,319,992 denars, a budget of self-financing activities 4,290,000 denars, a budget of grants 196,181,000 denars, a budget of donations 18,260,337 denars, a budget of loans (loans) 26,000,000 denars or the total budget for 2021 is 421,051,329 denars.

The value of the capital investments in this Budget is 86,800,000 denars. The largest financing in the capital investments is in the program JD construction and maintenance of local roads and streets and in the program JI construction of sewerage networks.

The loan is currently being used to build the 926-meter-long Kriva Reka riverbed in the central city area.

During the preparation of the Budget, the valid legal regulations and the guidelines received from the Ministry of Finance for the preparation of Budgets of local self-government units were respected.

The budget is realistic, and it assumes obligations (debts) from previous years.

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