Signed scholarship agreements for students with disabilities involved in the regular education process.

Parents of children with disabilities from first and second grade from Kriva Palanka today in the small hall of the local government signed scholarship agreements for students, within the project "Be IN, be Inclusive, be Included" implemented by the Foundation for Educational and Cultural Initiatives "Step by step".

The agreements were also signed by the officials from the Association for Promotion and Development of Inclusive Society "Inclusive", Tatjana Arsovska and Blagica Dimitrovska, who together with the Association for Services to Persons with Disabilities "Handimak", in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bureau for development of education, are partners in the implementation of the project.

– На општо задоволство на дечињата и родителите денес се потпишани четири договори за стипендирање на дечиња со попреченост запишани во учебната 2020/21, првооделенци и ученици од второ одделение од двете основни училишта во Крива Паланка, ООУ „Илинден” и „Јоаким Крчовски”. Со овој проект за првпат се доделува директна финансиска помош кај родителите, кои се постојано изложени на дополнителни трошоци за реализација на сите неопходни дневни и секојдневни активности поврзани со нивните деца. Децата-стипендисти ќе добиваат средства во висина од 50 евра во денарска противвредност, за девет месеци во училишната година, а задржувањето на стипендијата во следната учебна година зависи од редовноста на ученикот во училиште и успешниот премин во следното одделение. Вклученоста и редовноста на настава е од витално значење за задржување на стипендијата, изјави Благица Димитровска од „Инклузива“.

- The project "Be IN, be INClusive, be INClusive" is financially supported by the European Union, within which a call was opened for awarding a total of three hundred scholarships to motivate children with disabilities from across the country, which in the school year 2020/2021 enrolled in the first grade or continued their education in the second grade and attend regular classes, depending on individual opportunities and in accordance with the recommendations for safe attendance in conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, we made efforts to ensure full and equal inclusion of children with disabilities in regular primary schools that grow into safe environments that are open and accessible to all children and committed to providing quality education to children with diverse educational needs. The purpose of these scholarships is to support the families of children with disabilities in overcoming the costs associated with their schooling, school supplies, specialized equipment, extracurricular activities, assistants, education, therapy costs, transportation costs or other similar specific needs. , and at the same time to support the decision for proactive and intensified enrollment of students with disabilities in regular schools, said Arsovska.

The project in Kriva Palanka was realized in cooperation with the Municipality and the professional services from the primary schools.

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