Adopted strategy for tourism development in the Municipality of Kriva Palanka 2020-2025

The Council of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka at today's session adopted the strategy for tourism development for the period 2020-2025.

The abundance of natural and cultural beauties are the most important potential of Kriva Palanka for tourism development. The attractive mountain scenery of the Osogovo Mountains and the preserved architecture of most rural areas offer huge opportunities for investment development in tourism in order to achieve significant economic effects.

Kriva Palanka is in the process of creating a base for tourism development, as a modern branch, which is imposed as a sustainable form, given the potential of this area.

The Tourism Development Strategy in the Municipality of Kriva Palanka aims to map the future tourism development of the region by defining the vision, ie the long-term goal that gives a picture of how we want to see the region after 2020. It should also be noted that all strengths and weaknesses are identified through direct consultation with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of this strategy.

Although until now it was considered that Kriva Palanka and the Osogovo cross-border region have the role of transit environment, now given that this region is rich in cultural and historical heritage, as well as excellent mountain resources, this branch should enable local economic development. The Kriva Palanka region should be an example of a sustainable tourist destination ensuring a balance between the socio-economic values of the local communities and the environment itself. This means that the cultural and natural heritage should not be destroyed and preserved for future generations, and thus be in function of the development of tourism, crafts, small businesses, attracting investors, reducing poverty and creating new employment opportunities. in this cross-border region.

Recognizable and easily accessible tourist region with developed authentic tourist products, with better operating standards and better quality of services, which will respect the principles of sustainable development, and thus will grow into an important tourist brand. is the vision that is a roadmap for all future strategic solutions and operational interventions.

The strategy was developed by the Consulting Company TARGET COMMUNICATIONS with the support of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka, and the financial resources are provided by the Ministry of Economy.


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