The implementation of the Public Works Program 2020 is in the final phase

The implementation of the Public Works Program 2020 is financially supported by the Employment Agency of RS Macedonia and the Municipality of Kriva Palanka. The program is part of the Operational Plan for active programs and measures for employment and labor services for 2020 as a measure 6.2 Program for hiring for public works financed from the ESA Budget.

The Municipality of Kriva Palanka is a multi-year user of this program and participates in it with co-financing in the amount of 20 % of the daily fee provided for the engaged persons.

In this 2020, 12 unemployed persons with low qualifications were engaged who were engaged in performing public works in three program areas, as follows: Implementation of preventive measures for flood protection; Improving the functionality of the road infrastructure; and Cleaning of waste from tidy and untidy surfaces.

For a period of one month, most of the regulations of Belevski Dol, the valley in the settlement Edinstvo and part of Dol Nimulia were cleaned. The drainage canal in the settlement Begovi Bavchi was cleaned, then the drainage canal next to the collective residential buildings on Heroj Karposh Street and the drainage canal at the Technical Service, and 23 street drains for storm water on several streets in the city were cleaned. In this activity are collected about 70 m3 of accumulated material.

55 m3 of landslide material and alluvial material were removed on several streets and local roads, and on several roads and streets, vegetation was pruned, which hindered the normal flow of traffic.

Cleaning was carried out at 9 locations, including a tidy part of Stara Vada, local roads for the monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski, around the Sports and Recreation Center, regulatory riverbed of Kriva Reka, locations around "Radeva mill", "Kadiska fountain", green area of buildings in n. Garden, around the city market and the city bus station. From these locations, 35 m3 of various waste were collected.

JP Komunalec was involved in the implementation of some of the activities with mechanization.

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