Denar 23,500,000 provided for the upgrade of a new floor of the Detelinka kindergarten

The Prime Minister Spasovski, together with the representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy Skrijelj and Bajraktar, accompanied by Mayor Micevski, toured the kindergarten "Detelinka" - plan 2, where construction activities will begin to expand and upgrade another floor.

In talks with the kindergarten management and local government officials, government members expressed satisfaction with the current government's plans to build infrastructure and facilities for early childhood development, announcing that funding for capital projects will continue in the future, as it it is not only an investment in facilities, but also an investment in children, who are the future of this country.

We are contributing to the proper growth and development of future generations. We invest in lasting values. Last year, 13,000,000, this 23,500,000 denars for better conditions and increased capacities of JOUDG "Detelinka & #8221 ;," said Mayor Micevski.

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