GRADEC Cultural and Historical Park

LU City Museum of Kriva Palanka started with the realization of a new long-term project called Cultural-Historical Park "GRADEC" in the village. Gradec, proekt of great importance for the development of tourism based on cultural & #8211; historical heritage.

In 2020, the following sub-projects are already being implemented:

  1. Preparation of Local Urban Planning Documentation for the site "School" and yard in KO Gradec,
  2. Preparation of the Basic project for water supply of the building "School" and the church "St. Nikola ”in the village Builder,
  3. Rehabilitation and adaptation of part of the building "School" and yard in the village. Builder,
  4. Valorization of the archeological site "Gradiste" in the village. Builder,
  5. Protective archeological excavations at the site "Gradiste" in the village. Builder.

The projects are funded by the Municipality of Kriva Palanka and the Ministry of Culture.

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