Trilateral meeting Kraishte 2018

Today in the locality Golesh, on the border of the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia. The traditional meeting Kraishte 2018 was held for the 14th time in Bulgaria. The delegation from Kriva Palanka was led by the Mayor Borjanco Micevski together with His Eminence, Metropolitan of Kumanovo and Osogovo Mr. Dr. Josif, the Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica, Sonja Stamenovska, Chiefs and Managers of the SIA Kumanovo, representatives of the Regional Center for Border Affairs North and the Regional Center for Border Affairs East, the President of the Council of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka and a number of directors and managers of local institutions. In his address, Mayor Micevski congratulated all those present on the great religious holiday St. Peter's Day and said:

-God gave wings to the bird to conquer the heights, to the fish it gave fins to conquer the depths, to man it gave reason and hands to conquer the heights and to hug friends. I am here to convey to you the greetings and hugs from the citizens of Macedonia, because they are infinitely grateful to the friends who live in this area on the other side of the border. Macedonia is writing a new page in the Balkans together with you, because at the time when Bulgaria was president of the EU we received an invitation to join the European family, yesterday we received an invitation to NATO, there is an opportunity to apply for funds from the IPA program with R. Serbia. All in all, the borders of these areas are becoming a formal thing, and we will all be able to continue to cooperate much more in the next period.

The event was accompanied by a rich cultural and artistic program, which was visited by a large number of citizens from Kriva Palanka and the neighboring municipalities of Kyustendil and Bosilegrad.

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