Intensifying investments and opportunities for the business community in Kriva Palanka

Yesterday, at the initiative of Mayor Borjanco Micevski, a working meeting was held with businessmen from the municipality of Kriva Palanka and the Minister without portfolio in charge of foreign investments, Zorica Apostolska, as well as the representative of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Irena Gjorgjievska.

At the meeting with the business community from the municipality, the measures from the Government's plan for economic growth were presented, which incorporated a series of measures to support the economy, in the preparation of which all stakeholders in economic policies in the country participated.

- We have initiated the establishment of a municipal union of businessmen, on whose establishment and strengthening we have been working intensively for the past few months. In order to strengthen the cooperation between the local business sector and the central authorities, today's visit of the municipality and the working meeting with the Minister without portfolio in charge of foreign investments, Zorica Apostolska and the representative of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Irena Gjorgjievska potential financial resources such as grants, which are currently unused for Kriva Palanka, said Micevski.

Minister Apostolska thanked Mayor Micevski for the initiative and the opportunity given to the business community in the municipality of Kriva Palanka to present the opportunities in which companies can recognize the conditions for further investment in their own business.

In the presentation of the government measures for economic development by Katerina Stojanovska & #8211; The head of the cabinet at the Ministry in charge of foreign investments emphasized that these measures are the product of an inclusive process in which, in addition to the government, the expert and international public, as well as the economy, participated.

-The government has allocated 46% more funds in the budget for 2018 for the Economic Development Program compared to 2017, which is one of the ways to start the process of financial stabilization and economic development, as important preconditions for improving the quality of life for all citizens. The Economic Growth Plan consists of measures divided into three pillars: measures for general economic development, measures to support competitiveness and measures to support small and medium enterprises. The main preconditions for all measures that companies need to meet are to show an increase in revenue in the last year compared to the average in the last three years and not to reduce the average number of employees in the same period, said Katerina Stojanovska in her presentation.

The measures in the Economic Growth Plan are systematized in three pillars. Overall, they introduce more important innovations to support companies, which should lead to the achievement of the set goals. The success of economic policies will also be based on technological development and innovation. The goal is for our domestic companies to apply modern and state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge to become competitive and conquer foreign markets.

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