Press conference of the Mayor Micevski about the events in MH Mozdivnjak

The mayor of Kriva Palanka municipality, Borjanco Micevski today held a press conference on speculation that has emerged in certain media these days, on the occasion of the announcement regarding the alleged irresponsible behavior of the municipality towards the demands of the residents of the local community.

On this occasion, Mayor Micevski denied the allegations and speculations made in the press release and said:

“During the past 2018 and the current 2019, a total of 4 requests have been sent to the Municipality of Kriva Palanka and to the expert services, which have been answered positively and within the given deadlines.

Namely, the first request from the local population of the village Mozdivnjak was in March 2018, which requires repair of part of a local road to the Serafimovci neighborhood, which was positively responded to and the road was repaired.

The second request refers to the ongoing maintenance of a building in the local community in the village Mozdivnjak for which the request is approved by the Municipality and financed.

The third request is from April 2019, which also responded positively, referring to the rehabilitation of the pool and water supply intake in the village of Mozdjnyak and the last request is for the rehabilitation of the water supply network in the village of Mozdivak. Possibly also materials and financial means approved by the Municipality and already implemented.

In addition to this, in July 2018, the local road was repaired in the area called Dubje. Mozhdnjak in the direction of Lisec ie Kavrak in length of 6 km.

Regarding the correspondence for the repair of impact potholes on the asphalted part of the road in the village Mozdivnjak, I would say that, at the collegium held on 23.09.2019, we have been informed that the expert services in the municipality have been ordered for remediation through the company "Labino Trade", which is responsible for taking measures and repairing the impact holes in the territory of the municipality of Kriva Palanka. In addition, following the maintenance of a collegium and giving instructions and order for the repair of the holes in the village Mozdivnjak, unauthorized persons from the local population have undertaken an activity for unauthorized filling with concrete, which is inappropriate and contrary to all legal provisions.

At the same time, in order to carry out this independent activity, they also blocked the local road with a motor vehicle and other machinery and voluntarily without any prior consultation and approval by the Municipality, sealed the concrete holes, thereby breaching the concrete. The Law on Construction and the violations of the Law on Traffic Safety according to Article 14 and Article 63. Therefore, our services from the Inspection Unit went on site and made inspections and ascertained the situation on the ground. t already submitted complaints to the competent authorities for taking appropriate action against the perpetrators of this crime.

On this occasion, I would like to say that, in the past period, the Municipality of Kriva Palanka has extremely good cooperation with a large number of local communities in which we jointly intervene and do activities that are of interest and needs to the local population. Many activities have been realized with the residents of the village Mozdivnjak, with the inhabitants of the villages of Krkja, Luke, Golema and Mala Crcorija, Nerav, as well as other settlements. For these reasons, I believe that all recent allegations that have been circulated in certain media are only politicized and put into function of a political campaign, which is currently unjustified and unfounded. In this context I will only mention that, Kriva Palanka municipality together with PE DP, specifically this year alone has invested about 500 thousand euros in 11 km on the road to the village Luke. Asphalt, and last year we paved roads to the village Osice at a length of 8 km, and we finished asphalting a dozen local streets, roads in the villages of Konopnica and Trnovo, and this year with new investments of about 400 thousand euros we continue with asphalting the foreseen road directions. In parallel to all this, the Municipality is working intensively on the realization of other infrastructure, all according to the plan and work programs of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka. We cannot act in any other way and all that is undertaken by unauthorized persons will be sanctioned. In this regard, I would ask my fellow citizens to have all their needs and requests written and addressed to the Municipality and in coordination with the work plan and programs of the departments within the municipality, and we will meet all those requests .

As never before, the Municipality of Kriva Palanka invests in the road, water supply, sewerage infrastructure, regulation of the riverbeds of the Kriva River and Durachka River, as well as in other projects of crucial importance, and we will continue to work in the interest of the citizens of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka. “


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