Call for scholarships for talented students for the school year 2019/2020

Pursuant to Article 61 of the Statute of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka (Official Gazette of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka No.8 / 10, 8/2014, 02/18 and 03/19), and in connection with the Decision of the Council of the Municipality of Kriva Palanka no. .09-2472 / 21 of 12.08 2019 On Awarding Scholarships for Support of Young Talents from the Municipality of Kriva Palanka, as well as the Rulebook on Conditions, Criteria and Rules for Awarding Scholarships for Supporting Young Talents No.09-1829 / 17 of 25.06.2018, Municipality of Kriva Palanka announces


For granting scholarships to talented high school students and talented students studying and studying in schools and faculties in the Republic of Northern Macedonia in school / study 2019/2020year

Required templates for students
Required forms for students


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