Kindergarten "Decelinka"

Municipal Public Institution Nursery School "Decelinka"

OUTDG Clover – was formed in the 1980s as a group of about 25 children. Today the kindergarten "Delelinka" has three facilities in the Municipality of Kriva Palanka and one group in other premises in Rankovce Municipality. The kindergarten accommodates 320 children divided into 16 groups of which 6 groups half-day, 2 groups full-time, 5 groups kindergarten, 1 combined group and 2 groups of manger. The projected capacity of the kindergarten is 340 children.

Address: St. Joakim Osogovski str. 51, 1330 Kriva Palanka
Phone / Fax: 031/ 375 527

Final account of the Audit Company "Delberinka" for 2016 (own account)
Final account of the Audit Office "Delberinka" for 2016 (budget account)
Final account of the BUDDG “Decelinka” for 2017
Final account of OUDUDIG "Clover" for 2018
Final account of OJUDIG "Detelinka" for 2019

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